Matthew K. Tam

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I am Junior Professor for Mathematical Optimisation in the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics at the University of Göttingen and a member of the Continuous Optimisation, Variational Analysis and Inverse Problems workgroup.

I received a PhD from the University of Newcastle (Australia) under the supervision of Jonathan Borwein where I was a member of the Centre for Computer-assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications (CARMA). My thesis was titled "Iterative projection and reflection methods: theory and practice". After my PhD, I moved to the University of Göttingen where I was a post-doctoral researcher with D. Russell Luke supported initially by DFG-GK2088 and later by a fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Research keywords: continuous optimisation and its applications, monotone operator theory, variational and nonsmooth analysis, heuristics derived from continuous optimisation, symbolic computation


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Selected Talks

  1. Symbolic convex analysis, CARMA Seminar at U. Newcastle, May 2017 [PDF]
  2. Algorithms for blind ptychographic imaging, CARMA Workshop on Mathematics and Computation at U. Newcastle, June 2015 [PDF]
  3. Theory and application of convex and non-convex feasibility problems Lecture Series (on behalf of J. Borwein), Spring School on Variational Analysis in Paseky nad Jizerou, Czech Republic, April 2015. [PDF] [URL]
  4. Reflection methods for Euclidean distance matrix reconstruction, Australian - New Zealand Mathematics Convention at U. Melb., Dec 2014. [PDF] [Video]
  5. Visualizing projection algorithms, ICERM Challenges in 21st Century Experimental Mathematical Computation Workshop at Brown U., July 2014. [PDF] [Video]
  6. Cyclic Douglas-Rachford iterations, AustMS Annual Meeting at U.Syd, Sept-Oct 2013. [PDF]
  7. Douglas-Rachford for combinatorial optimisation, AMSSC at ANU, July 2013. [PDF]