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Most of the download able files below are compressed by the standard unix tool `compress'. So you have to decompress them after download by entering the command `uncompress file.Z'. If you don't have access to a machine with this tool, you can send me an email: (Please remove X and Y!) We will negotiate an appropriate transfer mode then.

Radial Basis Functions / Radiale Basisfunktionen

The original file date, or the date of download, is given in the format `yymmtt' before the link. top


The original file date is given in the format `yymmtt' before the link. top

TeX / LaTeX


Mathematica ( the computer algebra system by Wolfram Research )


Relics of my time as a tutor / Überbleibsel meiner Zeit als HiWi

As a tutor for calculus and function theory, I provided the following texts to my students. / Aus meiner Zeit als HiWi (wissenschaftl. Hilfskraft) für Differential- und Integralrechnung sowie Funktionentheorie stammen noch folgende Texte: top

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