Final Colloquium of the Research Training Group 1023
Final Colloquium of the Research Training Group 1023

After nine years the regular funding period of the RTG 1023 has expired in June this year, and we receive completion funding for another year now. On this occasion we will organize a final colloquium on

November 29 and 30 2013.

It will give the interested public the opportunity to get to know the aspects of the work of the RTG 1023 and also aims to reunite old friends and colleagues from the 9 years of the research training group.

On Friday, November 29 starting from 2:15 pm at the Paulinerkirche in Göttingen, there will be talks by

  • Andreas Kirsch (KIT Karlsruhe),
  • Carola Schönlieb (Univ. Cambridge)
  • Harald Heese (Philips Research)
  • Ulrike Schneider (TU Vienna).
Also, selected posters by current PhD students will be presented. Afterwards, there will be a conference dinner at the Institut für Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik.

On Saturday morning, November 30, we plan to have a meeting at Institut für Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik, where the alumni of the RTG 1023 are encouraged to give short 15 minute talks or present a poster about their current work. Master and Bachelor students are also invited to this meeting to get an impressionon on job opportunities as a mathematician.

After that, several social activities as planed such as lunch, a guided tour on Gauss, a visit of the Christmas market and a dinner.

We can contribute to travel and accommodation expenses with up to 150 Euro from within Germany and up to 300 Euro from outside of Germany (at least, depending on our final budget) for those who give a talk or present a poster.

For further assistance feel free to contact:

Final Colloquium of the Research Training Group 1023

November 29/30 2013

Papendiek 14
D-37073 Göttingen